Tuesday, 1 February 2011

A tribute to Kay

For all of you out there who haven't run since childhood, but contemplate getting fit to do that 5K charity run, the answer is  "YES YOU CAN".  Aged 52 and having "not so much as run for a bus",  Kay is a shining example of what is possible with a lot of determination.. and a bit of AudioFuel.

On the 1st of January this year I got this email from Kay.  

"I have foolishly agreed to a 3 mile run in March and having not so much as run for a bus since 1987, I need help.  I saw your Audio fuel free sample via Weight Watchers Magazine and decided to try it with a view to purchasing more if it helped.  However, I can't seem to get it from Windows Media Player, where it automatically loads and starts playing, onto my MP3 player.  I have asked several more technolically minded souls and they couldn't get it to synch either.  Will it only download to an iTunes library? Thank you for your help. Kay"

So Kay and I started a dialogue.  First of all she got herself set up with an iTunes library and she is now the proud owner of an iShuffle.  Just for getting over the technological challenges she gets three cheers from us at AudioFuel.

Then I invited her to be a guinea pig for our idea to create a 0-5K AudioFuel Starter Pack.  This would be a collection of tracks that could be used to create incrementally longer and faster playlists.  And bless her, she said yes.  First of all I gave her our Walk in the Park 40 minute walking programme that goes from 120 bpm up to 137 bpm.  Here was her feedback on the 25th January.

Foolishly I must have picked the only hilly bit of bedfordshire. By the time I got to the last couple of tracks at 137 bpm, I was just really marking time and not getting anywhere. Back in the car, I collapsed in a sort of glowing heap.
Next attempt was a nice flat road.  I managed all the speeds except the 137 bpm.  I literally couldn't move my feet and legs in time!  I got home, fell on the sofa and felt I was having an 'out of body' experience!!!!  Just how unfit am I?
third and fourth attempts and it was getting easier, I found the majority of the tracks reasonably easy and managed to keep up with the 137 bpm for almost one of the two tracks.  
I decided to give the walking another go before launching into the running, as it is clear my fitness is not good!  The final attempt was pretty good in that I managed the 137 bpm all the way through  and didn't feel quite so puffed out when I got home.

Determined or what.  And very funny too!  So then Kay moved on to the running.  I'd given her links to download a 3 minute running track at 150 beats per minute, and a 2 minute walking track and suggested she alternate them.  We clearly need to have 1 and 2 minute running tracks on offer in our pack!

Okay, so yesterday I had a first go at the running......OMG!!  Loaded up a playlist - 3 mins running, 2 mins walking as per your suggestion - and off I set last night.  30 seconds of jogging later and I ground to a gasping halt!  I then took advantage of the 4 and a half minutes until it started again.  It would appear that I have forgotten how to run....how can that be?  I used to do it all the time when I was seven!  I attempted the running bit 5 times, managing less than a minute each time but keeping more or less to the 150 beat - it was very helpful
Just got back from attempt two - much better.  Got into a better rythm and jogged properly rather than trying to run.  The beat was excellent, really helped.
Overall, I have found the tracks really good.  The walking was excellent, building up easily to a good fast but manageble pace - giving me something to aim for and making me feel I had worked hard.  But I did physically find it hard to actually move to the 137 beat the first few times.  The running track, well I think maybe a one minute run might have been better, but I can see it is going to work and the music really, really does help.  I don't think there is anyway that by now i would have been out in the rain and the dark seven times!!!

So then I sent another 3 minute track for her to include.  And I suggested she start a blog .. it's a really good way to keep yourself motivated.  You see how much progress you are making.  And if you decide to raise money for charity by entering an event, you can send the link out to sponsors so they can keep track of your progress.  Here is the latest email sent to me by Kay today.

Dear Clare
thank you very much for the track, I have loaded it on as a new playlist and am looking forward to trying it out.
I've done the 3 min jog, 2 min walk (repeated three times) for the fourth time now and ........brace yourself, put down that hot drink.....have actually managed to jog for the whole three minutes for all three 150 bpm sessions!!!!!
I can't quite beleive it.
thank you so much, I will continue to update you and am going to have a bash at this blogging as you suggest.  I think, as it is my birthday tomorrow (52!) I'll start the blogging then.  Also will not be jogging, but will be eating cake instead :-)
huge thanks
Kay x


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